DIEMAX offers custom commonrail systems for motorsport applications as truckpulling, tractorpulling, Dakar, truckracing. We can convert existing P pump systems to a common-rail system. We have a complete solution with a modular high pressure fuel pump, fuel rail, injectors and ECU.

Main advantages of common-rail compared to P pump systems:

- Control injection volume
- Control injection timing
- Have mutiple injections per stroke


We use the NIRA ecu to control the common-rail system. The Nira i7R is a powerful engine control unit to control the modern diesel engines with the efficient common rail technology. NIRA i7r comes complete with an application tool, NIRA rk, for loading of software program, tuning of engine data, monitoring etc. Together they constitute a system that offers the operator full access to and control of the engine functions.

Featuring support for advanced fuel injection strategies with multiple injections per stroke, NIRA i7r enables the engine tuner to reach maximum performance while maintaining desirable characteristics such as quick engine response time and precise control of torque output. NIRA i7r is also designed to handle sensors and actuators related to Euro V and Tier 4 regulation, including EGR and particulate filters.

Common rail injectors

We build injectors capable of injecting high fuel volumes up to 1800cc at 1 ms. We have an injector test bench to test all the injectors to make sure they all meet the required specifications.

High pressure fuel pump

We build high pressure fuel pumps to supply the fuel for the common rail sytems. With the modular system we can build pumps for engines up to 3000 hp.

 For more information about the commonrail systems we build contact us by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.nl, or call us +31 (0) 342 44 3988.