NIRA i7r is a powerful engine control unit designed to control modern diesel engines with the efficient common rail technology. NIRA i7r comes complete with an application tool, NIRA rk, for loading of software program, tuning of engine data, monitoring etc. Together they constitute a system that offers the operator full access to and control of the engine functions.

Featuring support for advanced fuel injection strategies with multiple injections per stroke, NIRA i7r enables the engine tuner to reach maximum performance while maintaining desirable characteristics such as quick engine response time and precise control of torque output. NIRA i7r is also designed to handle sensors and actuators related to Euro V and Tier 4 regulation, including EGR and particulate filters.

Design Features

• Available for both Piezo and Solenoid Injectors to Enable Deployment on a Wide Range of Engines

• Extensive I/O interface with FlexiPorts™ Control

• Up to Eight Cylinders with Twin Turbos, EGR Throttles etc

• CAN and LIN Communication

Emission Control Features

• Temperature and Pressure Sensors for Particulate Filters and Catalysts

• Oxygen and Knock Sensors for Combustion Analysis and Optimisation

• Control of EGR Valves and Throttles with Position Feedback

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